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Science Fairs

A list of many, many topic ideas, organized by difficulty and category. These aren’t detailed projects by themselves, but something here is sure to put an idea into your head!

Science News for Kids

Four years’ worth of project ideas, under 9 different categories. Some give only the research question, while others have links to the actual projects.

USGS Learning Web

Learn how to build a table-top model that demonstrates the causes of an earthquake, a model that demonstrates the spreading of the ocean floor, your own weather station, or how to collect fascinating slimes off the rocks in your neighborhood.


Find your motivation. Learn how to get good topic ideas by thinking about what you enjoy, what you're really curious about, asking questions, and turning a hobby into a project.

All Science Fair Projects

Find hundreds of projects under Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, and Engineering. Browse through the projects, or use the search engine to find a specific topic and complete instructions.

Bug Info: Science Fair Project Suggestions

Love bugs? BugInfo describes several projects and explains how to conduct t - Science Fair Project Ideas

Offers many science fair project ideas involving the solar system, weather, agriculture, and mathematics.

Neuroscience for Kids: Experiments and Activities

Can your eyes deceive you? Do you remember your dreams? Can you build a model of the nervous system? Dr. Chudler publishes a long list of games and creative ideas for Neuroscience science fair projects. Projects are good for grades 3-12.