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Grade 5

Welcome to Our 5th Grade Room!


  • Costume Day, Friday October 29th!

  • Grade 5 Unit 2 Math Test coming soon! Reminder will be updated with exact date by the end of the week!

Welcome to Our Fifth Grade Page!

Mrs. Alyssa Martinelli
Math, Science, and Social Studies

Mrs. Katie Ellison
Language Arts

Hello Fifth Graders! We are so excited to start our year with you! To get ready for the school year, check out the supply list by clicking HERE!

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Currently In Fifth Grade...


  • Students have completed our first unit on Finding Volume!

  • We are currently working on our second unit: Fractions and Quotients and Fraction Multiplication. Students will discover how fractions and division are related, and will discover strategies to multiply when fractions are involved.


  • Our first science unit challenges students to develop a strong understanding of the biotic and abiotic factors in ecosystems and to evaluate the health of ecosystems throughout the world. This is done through the lens of the rare golden jellyfish and it's unique ecosystem!

  • Make sure to ask your child to tell you all about these creatures!

Social Studies

  • Fifth grade students are diving into early settlements in North America this marking period!

  • Currently we are gathering evidence about the mysterious disappearance of the English colonists at the Roanoke settlement, and we will be supporting the most likely theories with evidence very soon!

Currently In Sixth Grade...


  • Students have been working hard on our first math unit which focuses on Finding Area and Surface Area of various polygons and polyhedron!

  • Currently we are learning about exponents and their use in representing the area and volume of squares and cubes.

  • Our end of unit test will be this Thursday, October 7th!

  • All materials are available online at !


  • Our first science unit on Weather and Climate focuses not only on identifying what weather and climate are, but on recognizing the impact that extreme weather and varying climates have on people throughout the world.

Social Studies

  • We have begun our year in social studies by learning about the American Industrial Revolution. Students not only discover inventions and advances in the areas of machinery, transportation, communication, and energy, but learn about the resulting benefits and challenges to those living during that time period.