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Grade 5 & 6 Great Links

Here are a few of my favorite educational links!

I encourage you to explore and to enjoy them like I do!

News & Current Event

Scholastic News: Check out Scholastic News to learn about all sorts of things going on in the world around you!

Scholastic News Debates: Weigh in with your opinion on Scholastic's Debate of the Week!


IXL Math: This site is great for reviewing and practicing different math topics Practice your multiplication and division facts in this fast-paced program! Our Classroom Code is: 57NDWC86


The National Eye Institute: See All You Can See!: This is a great site that we found for learning about how we see and the parts of our eye. It is a good place to review and has some neat apps to try.

OMSI: Mixing Primary Colors: Compare the difference between mixing primary colors of paint or pigment and mixing primary colors of light with this simulator!

Optical Illusions: These crazy images will play tricks on your eyes!

The Interactive Ear: This site leads you on an interactive journey to show how sound travels through your ear!

Science CMT Review! A great site with lots of CMT review quiz games!

Food Chain Game: Practice creating food chains with this great online game from BrainPOP!

Cassini Space Probe Timeline

Social Studies

PBS American Experience: Triangle Fire: A look at "the tragedy that forever changed labor and industry."

Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today via Scholastic: This site offers a plethora of interactive opportunities to expand your understanding about the history of immigration!

Immigrant Inventors!: What would your day be like without the contributions of immigrant inventors? Check out this website to see, and discover many of the inventions that have occurred due to immigrant innovators in our country!

The Jamestown Adventure: How well do you think your own colony would stack up? You make the decisions about settling Jamestown, and see how successful your colony is!

On the Trail of Captain John Smith: Learn about the settling of the Jamestown colony and some of the difficult decisions that had to be made.

Exploring the Mayflower and The First Thanksgiving: Visit this interactive Scholastic page to learn about the details of the Mayflower voyage, daily life in Plymouth, and The First Thanksgiving!

Road to the Revolution! Test your knowledge of the factors leading up to the American Revolution with this quiz game from PBS!

Chronicle of the Revolution: Read about some of the most important events and battles in the American Revolution

The Boston Tea Party and Start of the Revolution: Visit this site for an overview of the Boston Tea Party and a list of links to a number of other great Revolutionary War sites. *Thank you Ava for sharing this wonderful resource!

The Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery: Check out this interactive Underground Railroad experience from Scholastic!

The Oregon Trail