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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter

Reading: The students have been working very hard to activate their "super powers" to read and take on tricky words. These "super powers are reading strategies, and include: pointer power, picture power, sound power, snap word power, reread power, partner power, and persistence power.

Writing: The students have been working on writing true stories and have been learning:

  • what makes writing easy to read (spaces, punctuation, lots of letters in every word).
  • to tell who, what, and where when writing a story.
  • to sketch across the pages to hold onto their ideas.
  • to include vowels in every part of a word.
  • to use writing tools (vowel chart, checklist, word wall).
  • to revise their writing.
  • to describe emotions so we know how the characters are feeling.

Math: The students are currently learning about solid shapes (sphere, cone, cylinder, cube) and the terms face, edge, and corner; discovered solid shapes in real life; flat shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle); and found flat shapes in solid shapes.

Classroom Rules: We have 4 whole school rules that we follow:

· Follow directions

· Maintain personal space

· Use kind and appropriate language and tone

· Complete work