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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter

All about October

Reading: Our first unit began with the students reading “Learn about the world” books. They’ve learned that readers read privately and with a partner. We’ve been working to build up stamina in order to read for the whole time. They’re learning what readers do-look, think, read, and learn! They’re also learning about concepts about print: letters (uppercase and lowercase), words, sentences, and directionality.

Writing: The students learned the saying, “When we done, we have just begun,” and are working on adding more (details) to their pictures and words (letters, words, labels). They are learning to write words by saying the word slowly and stretching it out, like a rubber band, to hear the sounds. They know that writers keep trying, even when it’s hard and to always do their best! They are currently writing teaching books.

Math: The students learned about numbers 6-9 and 0; matching, counting, and sorting; and concepts of one more, one less, and same number.

Social Studies: The students learned about Christopher Columbus: who he was and why he is important. We read books, watched a video, and did some activities.

Fire Prevention: The Colebrook Fire Department visited the school to teach us about fire safety. The students loved having them visit and learned so much! We also practiced how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll” and how to “Stay low and go!”

Halloween: Our field trip to the Senior Center was so much fun! The students had a great time trick-or-treating around the Town Hall…they all looked great in their costumes! I’m glad that some of you were able to join us for lunch. When we returned to school, the students paraded to each classroom to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Classroom Rules: We have 4 whole school rules that we follow:

· Follow directions

· Maintain personal space

· Use kind and appropriate language and tone

· Complete work