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Evidence-based approach to Social and Emotional Learning, developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

at Colebrook School

What is RULER all about?

Photograph of RULER program acronym: "R" represents Recognizing Emotions in Self and Others; "U" represents Understanding the Causes and Consequences; "L" represents Labeling Emotions Accurately; "E" represents Expressing Emotions Appropriately; "R" represents Regulating Emotions Effectively.
Photograph of a Word Web which describes how staff and students want to feel at school.

The Charter: Building and Sustaining a Positive Emotional Climate

Mood Meter diagram

For more information on the Charter or Mood Meter, see links below.

Mood Meter

Mood Meter Basics: The Mood Meter is made up of four different colored quadrants, each representing different types of feelings.

Blue – lower energy, degree of unpleasantness (like sad or lonely)

Red – higher energy, degree of unpleasantness (like anger or fear)

Yellow – higher energy, degree of pleasantness (like joy or excited)

Green – lower energy, degree of pleasantness (like included or relaxed)

RULER Brochure.pdf

RULER Brochure

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Emotions Matter.pdf

Emotions Matter

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RULER Anchor Overviews

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Create a Family Charter!

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