Mission Statement

The Colebrook Consolidated School, working in partnership with parents and the community, is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, quality educational experience where each child acquires the skills to become a life-long learner and succeed in a changing global society.

The Mission Statement of Colebrook Consolidated School conveys the principles on which our school conducts its operations.  The Statement was developed by representatives of our school community, teachers, administrators, parents and Board of Education members and is referenced continuously as we consider decisions and develop programs to educate the children of Colebrook.

 Our partnership with parents and the community helps foster a school climate where the personal needs of our students are addressed and supported.  Being a small school with low class size, Colebrook Consolidated School has developed a family atmosphere where the relationship among the parents, teachers and students provides our school with the ability to personalize a student’s program and react quickly to any needs that may arise.  This safe, nurturing environment promotes self-confidence in our students which helps them complete the task of learning our curriculum at high levels.

 As we move forward to meet the challenges of elevated curriculum standards, digital learning and high expectations for student performance, it is the relationships that we have built at Colebrook Consolidated School that keep our students focused and learning to their potential.