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Series 1000 - Community Relations


Number   Regulation

1100           P             1.  Communications with the Public

                                      A.  Media of Communication

1110.1         P/R                 (1)  Parent Involvement

1112            P                    (2)  News Media Relationships (Public Press, Radio, &TV)

                                        (3)  School News Releases

1112.3          P                          (a)  News Conference/Interviews

1112.6          P                          (b)  Video Taping of Staff/Students  

1120             P                   (4)  Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings 

1140             P                   (5)  Distribution of Materials by Students

1150             P               B.  Responsibilities of School Personnel

1170             P               C.  Recognition of Citizens, Staff Members,Members of Board of Education, Students

1180             P               D.  Memorials for Deceased Students or Staff

                              2.  Participation by the Public

1210             P              A.   School-Community Associations 

1212             P/R                (1)  School Volunteers   

1220             P              B.  Citizens’ Advisory Committees

1222             P                   (1)  For the Staff   

1250             P              C.  Visits to the Schools

1251             P                   (1)  Loitering or Causing Disturbances  

1252             P                   (2)  Motorized Vehicles on School Property 

1300             P         3.  Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or SchoolFacilities

                                    A.  Relations between Public and School Personnel    

                                         (1)  School News Releases

1311.1         P                          (a)  Political Activities of School Employees

1312            P/R                 (2)  Public Complaints and Concerns

1312.2         P                          (a)  Complaints About Policies

1314            P                    (3)  Soliciting Funds from and by School Personnel  

1316            P                    (4)  Relations Between Public and School Personnel

                                    B.  Relations between Public and Students

1322            P                   (1)  Contests for Students

1324/1325     P/R                (2)  Soliciting Funds from and by Students/Advertising and Promotion

1326                                 (3)  Solicitations by Staff Members

1330            P/R            C.  Use of School Facilities

1330.1          P                   (1)  Use of School Fields by Outside Organizations  

1331            P                    (2)  Smoke Free Environment

                              4.   Relations between other Governmental Agencies and the Schools

1430            P                A.   School-Community Associations 

1700            P          5.  Otherwise Lawful Possession of Firearms on School Property