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All About January

Language Arts:

Reading-We started our unit on Characters. The students are learning to pay attention to characters, how they feel, what they say, and what they do. They are using the pictures to notice feelings, making predictions about characters, holding on to what is happening in the story, thinking how the same character acts in different books, retelling chapters, noticing how the character changes, figuring out how the problem is solved, determining what the message or lesson is in the book, stating what their favorite part of the book and most interesting part of the book are and why.

Writing-The students are continuing to work on their Nonfiction books. They are continuing to write about one topic. They are adding more to each topic, writing topic sentences for each chapter to grab the reader, thinking about the audience they are writing for, using comparisons, grabbing their readers attention, writing tips or warnings, writing ending sentences for each chapter to wrap it up, writing interesting facts, editing their writing, fixing any confusing parts with their partner, writing an introduction and conclusion for the book, and using a checklist to fix their writing. They will be typing their books!

Spelling: We will start spelling next month. The students were pretested to determine the words they need to practice. They receive their list on Mondays and have a test on Fridays. Previously taught words are included in their tests to ensure they learn the words and can apply them. We practice them at school but they should be practiced at home as well.

Math: The students learned how to add and subtract numbers to 20. They practiced addition by learning facts, counting on, using their number line, making a ten, using place value, adding doubles, and adding doubles plus one. They practiced subtraction by learning facts, counting backwards, using their number line, and making a ten. They practiced how to determine if a word problem is addition or subtraction and how to solve it with pictures, manipulatives, and number sentences. They are also practicing how to count by 10s, 5s, and 2s.

Science: The students are continuing to learn about Light and Sound. We will finish this unit next month with some great activities. They learned what light is and how we communicate with light, did an experiment with light to find the figure in a box, used the batman symbol to discover how to communicate with symbols, and watched a shadow movie of Jack and the Beanstalk to learn how light tells a story. They made a plan with props and recorded dialogue for the life cycle of a butterfly shadow puppet show. We will be adding sounds later. They put animals and people into groups for how they communicate either by light, sound or both and then they did this with objects. We ended with going on a light and sound hunt around the school.

Social Studies:

Winter: We celebrated the first day of winter. We read books and did several activities.

New Year’s Day: The students read books and did activity sheets. They made a New Year crown.

Martin Luther King Jr: We learned who he was and why he is important. We did activity sheets, watched a movie, read books, and did a timeline of his life.

Chinese New Year: We read books, they received a lucky red envelope with paper money in it, did activity sheets, and made lanterns.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Groundhog Day, 100th Day of School, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and February Break