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All About February

Language Arts:

Reading-The students are learning about characters. They are learning how to compare characters, what makes characters change, and what a character learns. The students are practicing how to answer questions such as what did you learn from this book and what the book reminds you of and why. They are working on reading more fluently. Some of the ways we are practicing this is by reading smoother, reading in longer phrases (scoop them up), paying attention to punctuation, making their reading make sense and sound right, reading dialogue properly by how the character sounds, making their voice match the mood, and reading at a just right pace (not too slow or too fast).

Writing-The students finished their Nonfiction book. They typed their book. They were very patient as it took many days to type their whole book. They also helped others when they were done. They did an excellent job typing and finding pictures for their book. They celebrated their wonderful typed writing by reading it to their peers. We are starting our next unit on Realistic Fiction. They started with making a plan about the different parts of the story, making a sketch, adding emotions, and then started writing.

Vowels: We are practing reading, writing, and listening for the difference between long and short vowels.

Spelling: They are continuing to learn their spelling words. They receive their list on Mondays and have a test on Fridays unless otherwise notified. Please make sure they are practicing these words at home. Previously taught words are included in their tests to ensure they learn the words and can apply them. We also practice these words in school on Wednesdays.

Math: We finished our unit on measuring by Length. The students practiced comparing two things, comparing more than two things, using vocabulary, using a starting line, and measuring with different objects or units. We started our next unit on graphs.

The students are working on adding and subtracting fluently within 10. If they know their doubles, it makes it easier for them to add and subtract. We are also practicing counting by 10s, 5s, and 2s.


We finished our unit on light and sound. The students enjoyed all of the experiments and learned a lot about light and sound and how to apply it. They watched an animated video with light and sound, animated Nugget the bird with their soundmakers and other instruments. This link and videos are on the site section of first grade. The students made a shadow puppet show about the Lifecycle of a Butterfly. They had to write the story, record it on the ipad, make the shadow puppets, practice their show, add sounds, and then performed their play for Kindergarten and second grade.


We have started 5 weeks of Enrichment Clusters. The students are enjoying their time with a new concept with students in different grades. Some of the clusters for first grade are Building, Animals in need, Paper Mache, and Arts and Crafts.


100th Day-We played games, read stories, made a banner, got a special headband, did activity sheets, had a scavenger hunt, and figured out a mystery picture.

President’s Day-We read stories, learned about different Presidents, played a game with coins, and watched a movie.

Valentine’s Day-They played games, made Valentine’s bags, learned the history of St. Valentine, read stories, watched a movie, and completed activity sheets. They had a party and gave Valentines to their friends in first and second grade.

Groundhog Day-They graphed their predictions about whether he would see his shadow or not (he didn’t see his shadow), watched him on TV, learned the history of Groundhog’s Day, completed fun activity sheets, and read stories.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Report Cards and Conferences, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday