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October Newsletter

Language Arts: We are continuing to work on good reading habits. They are working on comprehension by retelling their books with details and words from their reading, taking a picture walk, and rereading. We are continuing to work on hard words by sounding out the whole word, looking for parts in words, and making sure the word looks right, sounds right and makes sense. We are just starting to work on reading Nonfiction books.

The students finished writing their Small Moment books. They invited a friend by writing an invitation and reading them their story. They are practicing how to stretch out words to spell them, using sight words, listening for little words inside words or chunks, writing words part by part, telling the story in small steps, giving details, rereading their writing, unfreezing their characters by making them move, talk, think and feel, and using words they know. We will be writing Nonfictions books next with second grade.

Math: We finished the chapter on Addition facts to 10. We practiced strategies including using a number line, number bonds, manipulatives, their fingers, counting on, tens frames, addition stories, and mental facts. We also finished our chapter on Subtraction facts to 10. We practiced using strategies including counting backwards, the number line, tens frames, number bonds, manipulatives, their fingers, subtractions stories, and mental facts. They should be practicing both addition and subtractions facts for fluency to 5 at this time of the year. We have started our next chapter on 2D and 3D shapes.

Science: We finished our unit on The Sun and Moon. They worked together after watching a moon video to describe the moon movement, shadows, and patterns. We used moon manipulatives to create the moon phases, and they watched a movie about shadows. We started our next unit on Light and Sound. They watched a cartoon once with just sound, once with light, and then both light and sound together. They listened to cartoon sounds to figure out what they could be. They got to experiment with rulers, rubber bands and tuning forks. They loved experimenting at the stations and coming up with new ideas. We read a story about a Listening Walk and then went around the school on a Listening Walk to see what we could hear.

Social Studies:

Columbus: We studied about his voyage through books, movies, playing games, and activity sheets.

Fire Safety: The Colebrook Fire Department visited the students and taught them about the importance of fire safety. We also read books, learned fire safety rules, made a drawing of their meeting place at home, watched a movie, and completed activity sheets.

Halloween: We learned about and celebrated Halloween. We went to the senior center with Kindergarten to parade in our costumes and enjoy time in our community. The students read books, wrote about Halloween, did activity sheets, watched a movie with their Kindergarten buddies, and played games.

Clusters: The students have been enjoying Friday afternoons in their enrichment clusters. They are gaining a lot of experience and working with different students from different grades. Some of the enrichment clusters that first grade got to choose from were Arts and Crafts, Introduction to computers, and Building with different materials.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Break, Election Day