Photograph of Dr. Danuta Thibodeau, Superintendent

Dr. Danuta Thibodeau

This past school year was a very rewarding and positive one at Colebrook Consolidated School (CCS). In a strong community partnership, parents, community members and community organizations were very supportive of our school. Throughout the year, staff and parents worked closely together, having the best interest of our students and our school at heart.

There were many positive things happening at CCS. Colebrook students continued to excel academically, as evidenced by achievement on the Smarter Balanced Assessment and the Connecticut Mastery Science Assessment. The school implemented a highly successful enrichment program, in which all students participated. Approximately seventy-five percent of eligible students participated in our music programs and we held a very successful showcase of student art work. As we welcome students back to school this year, we anticipate another exciting and positive year at CCS.

I look forward to working with everyone to continue and expand the existing collaboration efforts of the greater school community that promote the “excellence in Education” tradition of CCS.

Danuta Thibodeau, PhD