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Grade 6

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. - Dr. Seuss

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Mrs. Katie Ellison - Grades 5-6

Language Arts

I am excited for another year of teaching fifth and sixth-grade reading and writing. Miss Duquette is continuing to teach fifth and sixth-grade math, science, and social studies. Remember, you are responsible for checking for math, science, and social studies assignments on Miss Duquette's page. Use the links below to get there quickly or to review important information about sixth grade. And, as always, READ, READ READ!

Classroom Information

Specials Schedule:

  • Monday - Social Skills and Library rotation

Tuesday - Music and Chorus

Wednesday - Spanish

Thursday - Physical Education and Band

Friday - Art

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General Information Links

Reading and Writing Workshop for 5th and 6th Grade

Miss. Duquette's Webpage for Math, Science, and Social Studies

Student e-mail and Google Drive Information

Language Arts Assignments:

All students must read at least 180 min (3 hours) every week.

Fifth and Sixth Grade reading logs will be checked daily. With the expectation that students will read 30 minutes every night and 60 minutes during the weekend.

In order to receive credit for this assignment, the entire reading log must be fully filled out.

This year, most written reading responses will be completed during school, either during reading or during Core and More. Fifth graders begin the year by practicing summary writing, while sixth graders are expected to support claims, or ideas, with specific evidence and analysis. If responses are not completed during school, students will need to finish them at home for homework.

In addition, students will be responsible for one full page of writing in their Writer's Notebooks each week, including editing and filling out an editing checklist. This will be collected on Friday.

Students stay organized by using a binder for all of their materials. Students will be bringing their binders home one Friday every month, so that parents will have a chance to see the work that is happening in the classroom. Students must have their parent sign the parent signature page of their binder before returning it to school on Monday. Forgotten binders will count as a missed homework assignment.

What's Happening in the Language Arts Classroom?

Fall 2020 - Narrative Reading and Writing

5th Grade:

For our first units of the year, students are working on personal narrative writing, while at the same time they are working to interpret narrative texts and analyze author's craft techniques so that those techniques can be applied to their own writing.

6th Grade:

Sixth grade is beginning the year with fantasy reading and writing. Students are planning, drafting, revising, and then editing fantasy writing while reading in the same genre. This allows students to transfer what they are learning about the fantasy genre to both their independent reading books and their independent writing.