Photograph of Ms. Elizabeth Driscoll, School Principal

Ms. Elizabeth Driscoll

(860) 379-2179 x123

Title IX Corrdinator

Welcome to Colebrook Consolidated School. Colebrook is a small rural community with a big sense of pride in our school. A staff consisting of 32 full and part-time employees implements high quality educational programs for 81 students enrolled in kindergarten through grade six.

At Colebrook Consolidated School we challenge our students with a comprehensive curriculum that provides them with the skills necessary to achieve. We use a variety of assessment tools to assist us in focusing instruction and utilizing available resources. For students who do not achieve the established goals as measured through the various assessments, extra support is available both in and out of the classroom.

Technology education and up-to-date learning tools are priorities at CCS. Students in grades 4,5, and 6 are each assigned a Chromebook to use through the year. Classrooms for our younger students have iPads and work stations available for student use. Devices are used for word processing, research, skills practice and more.

The social and emotional growth of our students is very important at Colebrook Consolidated School. We are in the second year of implementing RULER, an evidenced based approach developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. As outlined in the RULER program, each class has created a charter that describes how each person in the room wants to feel. Charters include words such as respected, listened to, safe and cared for. Each day students and staff check in with the Mood Meter, identifying how they are feeling and letting others know that people in the room have a variety of feelings at any given time. At each grade level, new vocabulary terms are introduced to help children better label their feelings. Lessons taught by the school psychologist assist students in recognizing and understanding their emotions, labeling and expressing them correctly, and developing strategies to assist in emotion regulations. How can one move from a place of disappointment or glum to feeling content and relaxed? Support is available throughout the school building as there is a common vocabulary and understanding of strategies to assist anyone in need. For more information, please visit the RULER page on our website.

Parents are important members of the Home-School Partnership. We celebrate First Day each year with a coffee, a school-wide assembly and then offer time for parents and community members to visit classrooms. Volunteer opportunities exist in the art room, field trips, and curriculum enrichment. We work very closely with our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to provide curriculum and cultural enrichment for our students. The PTO also provides funds to purchase equipment needed to enhance instruction. The Battell Arts Foundation, Colebrook Historical Society, and Colebrook Associates also provide funds to enhance cultural enrichment throughout the year. A large, handicap accessible playground was built for student use through a comparative effort between the PTO and the Town of Colebrook.

We highly value effective communication at CCS, so please feel free to contact me by phone (860) 379-2179 or email ( if I can be of any further assistance. Colebrook Consolidated School is a great learning community, and we invite you to come be a part of it.