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Grade 5 Information

This page includes a copy of the fifth and sixth grade agreement signed at the beginning of the year! Please refer to this page for any questions on classroom rules, routines, expectations, and responsibilities.

General Information for Fifth and Sixth Grade

Responsibility, organization, and independence are important elements of fifth and sixth grade. The goal is to prepare students for middle school.

Classroom Rules

• Follow directions the first time they are given.

• Keep your voice to an inside working level.

• Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

• No cursing, teasing, bullying, or intimidation.

In addition, you will be expected to abide by the Rules and Regulations of Colebrook Consolidated School (Student Handbook)

If You Choose to Break a Rule:

First time: Name on board – Warning.

Second time: One check – 10 minutes off snack/free time.

Third time: Two checks – Parents notified. Loss of free time on Friday.

Names and checks are recorded separately in each classroom. Names and checks will be erased after school every day.


One of the main goals this year is preparing for seventh grade at Regional. Students in upper elementary and middle school are responsible for themselves and for their own work. This year you will be held responsible for yourself. You will be expected to complete all classwork and homework on time and to the best of your ability. You will also be expected to follow the classroom rules and procedures at all times and to set a positive example for other students at Colebrook School.

Morning Procedure

• Sign in for attendance and lunch.

• Enter the classroom quietly.

• Remove all supplies and materials from your backpack, including homework and assignment book.

• Hang up coat and backpack neatly.

• Hand in homework on back counter.

• Sharpen pencils.

• Sit down at your desk and read the directions on the SmartBoard. Then, begin assigned morning work quietly.

• Join class in discussion.

Morning Procedure is a crucial part of our day, and it is important that it be completed promptly so that instruction can begin. If you do not follow the morning procedure as described, your name may be written on the board when class begins.

Leaving the Classroom

• You may not leave the classroom during lessons unless it is an emergency.

• During other times, raise your hand to ask permission.

• Fill out sign-out sheet completely with time out and time returning to classroom.

• You may bring a small water bottle from home for water. Please fill bottles at home.

Morning Snack

• Morning snack is a privilege that can be taken away.

• Snack will be at slightly different times on different days due to the special schedule.

• You may not begin snack until an adult gives you permission.

• Candy, gum, or soda are not appropriate snacks and will be sent home.

• Please bring a healthy snack.

• Remember that products containing peanuts are not allowed in Colebrook School.

Lining Up and Walking in the Hallways

• You are expected to line up quickly and quietly when asked.

• Fifth and sixth graders walk quietly in the hallways and follow instructions immediately.

• Remember that other classes are working and noise in the halls is distracting.

• You are the role models and must set a good example for other students.

Switching Classes

• As part of preparing for middle school, fifth and sixth graders will spend half of the day in each classroom. Fifth graders will begin their day in Miss Duquette’s room with math, science, and social studies and transition to Mrs. Ellison’s room after lunch for writing and reading. Sixth graders will have the opposite schedule.

• Upon returning from lunch, fifth and sixth graders will be responsible for bringing all materials necessary for the afternoon to their second location. This includes your binder, your pencil case, your independent reading book, and any other materials needed for class. You may not return to the other classroom upon forgetting materials and your name will be put on the board for being unprepared at the start of afternoon classes.

• As in middle school, when it is time to transition between classrooms there will be a five minute passing period. In that time you will need to gather all materials and line up quietly to transition as a class.

• Be mindful that in the afternoon, you will be sitting at someone else’s desk. You will be expected to have all of your own materials and to respect other people’s property. You are also responsible for ensure that your desk is neat, the top clear, and that it is ready to become the workspace for another student.


• You will receive between 30 and 90 minutes of homework every night.

• You must write down all assignments in your agenda. Remember to always bring your agenda to both classrooms! At times, your agenda will be checked for neatness and accuracy and you will receive an organization grade.

• Assignments will be posted on the website and in the classroom.

• All assignments must include your first and last name, date, and your number, as well as assignment titles when appropriate. If these requirements are not met, 5 points will be taken off the assignment grade automatically for each missing requirement. 5 minutes will also be taken off of free time at the end of the week.

• ALL homework must be placed neatly in the appropriate pile on the back counter at 8:30 (or when you arrive at school). You may not work on homework after 8:30 or receive credit for homework that is in your desk or backpack after 8:30. Homework will be delivered to the appropriate classroom by 8:35 each morning.

• Missing one homework assignment in a week will prevent you from participating in free time and carrying out special job responsibilities, including putting up the flag. It will also prevent you from participating in any other reward that could be earned that week.

• Missing two or more assignments in one week will result in an after school detention and your parents will be notified.


• If you are absent you will find the work (classwork and homework) on your desk or in your mailbox. You are responsible for looking at the assignments and asking for help or clarification if needed. The assignment will be due the next day. For example, if you are absent on a Monday and return to school on Tuesday, the missed work will be due on Wednesday. Exceptions will be made for extended absences.

• You may email your teachers by noon on the day you are absent if you would like to receive assignments before you return to school.

• Certain assignments are scheduled for the same day each week. In the event of a snow day, these assignments are still scheduled, and will still be due as usual when we return to school. Tests and due dates for projects and other long-term assignments will not change as a result of snow unless otherwise specified by your teacher.

Free Time

• On Friday afternoons, students who have followed classroom rules and completed all assignments for the week will earn free time as a reward. Free Time usually spans 30 minutes, but may be shorter or longer depending on the afternoon.

• Free Time is not only an individual reward, but a class reward as well. Throughout the week, entire classes work together to earn the letters in the word "RESPECT" by staying on task, following directions, and exhibiting respectful behavior. To earn Free Time for the end of the week, a class must earn all seven letters by Friday afternoon, so make sure to encourage your classmates to be respectful at all times to work toward that goal!

• If all letters are earned by Friday afternoon, the class earns Free Time. The length of Free Time for each student is affected by incomplete assignments and individual behavior from throughout the week.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Extra Responsibilities

You must follow all rules, procedures, and expectations in order to have the privilege of participating in: hanging the flag, putting out cones, helping younger students, free time, and field trips (including Cape Cod).