Kindergarten News

All About December

A few dates to remember:

12/9 - PJ day! For a donation of $1 the kids can wear pajamas to school. All proceeds will go to CCMC.

12/15 and 12/16 - The Holiday Shoppe will be open! More details to follow.

12/16 - Crazy Hair Day!

12/23 - Early Dismissal at 1pm and winter break begins!


We are learning about different kinds of books and different kinds of reading. The kids have been exploring with "Learn About the World" books and "Old Favorite Storybooks." They are enjoying "reading" both privately and with a partner.


We are learning about different kinds of writing...writing that tells stories and writing that teaches. The kids have been drawing/writing about something they know a lot about and teaching me all sorts of new things. A few of my favorites is how to make a grilled cheese, how to celebrate Thanksgiving, and how to get a truck "up and running." lol!


We are into our second math unit...The kids have been counting and comparing groups of objects. They have been answering the question about “how many” and have been using the terms “more and fewer.”


We have been weather detectives and noting the weather each day and how the weather impacts what we wear and what activities we do. We have been learning about the seasons too.

I believe a lot in positive reinforcement and the kids have responded very well to our “gem jar!” The gems reinforce positive classroom expectations and behaviors. Once the kids fill up their jar, they can choose a special activity. A favorite has been to have lunch dates, with me or with a first grade friend. :)