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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter

All About September

We had a great start to the 2018-2019 year! The students have adjusted well to the rules and routines of Kindergarten!

Reading: The students have been learning the rules and routines of Readers Workshop. The students have been practicing reading privately and reading with a partner. They’re also learning about concepts of print: letters, words, sentences, and directionality (reading from left to right and from top to bottom).

Writing: The students have been learning the rules and routines of Writers Workshop. They’re learning to use pictures and words to put their ideas on paper to tell a story. They have written and illustrated a few class books based on shared experiences, too!

Letters: We’ve been reading books about the alphabet, practicing our ABC’s, and playing letter games. They’ve been practicing their names, too!

Math: The students have learned about the numbers 1-6; the concepts of same and different; and matching, counting, and sorting.

Colors: We have been learning about colors. We read a poem, think of things that are that color, play I Spy, and draw things that are the same color. All the students wrote/drew their own color book.

Social Studies: We learned about Johnny Appleseed by reading books and watching a video.

Science: We’ve been reading books and learning a lot about Fall: season, weather, colors, activities.

Classroom Rules: We read a book called, David Goes To School. The kids loved it! David taught us what NOT to do in school and we talked about how we can be better students than David (listening ears, criss-cross applesauce, hands and feet to ourselves, etc). All the ideas the kids came up align nicely with the following whole school rules.

We have 4 whole school rules that we follow:

· Follow directions

· Maintain personal space

· Use kind and appropriate language and tone

· Complete work

I believe a lot in positive reinforcement and the kids have responded very well to our “busy bees!” They have been earning bees when they demonstrate the rules from above. Then on Fridays we count the bees and trade them for a coupon or prize, also known as Fun Friday.

As we move into the next month of October, bees will be reinforcing positive behaviors in respect to work completion. And warnings will be given for not following the above school rules, which can result in a consequence. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions.