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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter

All About November

Reading: The students have been reading Old Favorite Storybooks. They’ve been learning to:

· Look at pictures, remember, and read!

· Make the words and pictures match.

· Talk like the characters!

· Use words to join the pages together.

· Read more and more exact words.

· Find, point to, and read some of the words.

We just finished up this unit and celebrated our reading! Each student chose a favorite book and had a turn to share it with the class. J

Writing: The students have been writing true stories. They’ve been learning how to:

· Get ideas for stories and practice storytelling.

· Plan stories page by page.

· Add more details to pictures and stories.

· Bring our writing to life.

· Make the piece the best they can.

We just finished up this unit and celebrated our writing, too!

Letters: B, M, R, S, A We’ve been focusing on 2 letters/week and practicing letter and sound recognition. We do a couple pages in our workbooks, phonics activities on the smart board, worksheets, and letter games. The students have been working very hard!

Sight Words: the, and, I, a, to, is, you, it The students are introduced to 2 sight works/week. We practice using songs and other activities. Keep practicing!

Math: The students learned about the numbers 8, 9, and 0; the concepts of 1 more, 1 less, and same number; practiced pairing up sets of objects by size, length, and weight and using comparing words.

Veteran’s Day: We learned about and celebrated Veteran’s Day. We had a school wide assembly. We were lucky to have a few veterans join us. The students drew pictures that were sent to a company called Packages From Home. These pictures will be sent with care packages to veterans that are currently serving.

Thanksgiving: We learned about Thanksgiving through discussions, books, and activities. The students wrote what they are thankful for. They also made Native American headbands that they wore to their feast with the First Graders, who were the Pilgrims.