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December Newsletter

Language Arts: We are continuing to learn about reading Nonfiction books. They practiced using the partner skills they already know how to use, studied all of the details on the pages, predicted what might come next, talked about pages or interesting things in the book, retold books, learned from labels in the pictures, made their voice smooth and used expression, and figured out hard words using their reading strategies.

They started their Nonfiction books in writing. We will be working on them in January. They learned how to plan ideas with 4 different chapters, wrote something interesting in each chapter, thought about what readers might want to know about their topic, wrote in “twin sentences” (this means to give more details and not just a list), added words and details in their pictures, and used print conventions.

We will be starting spelling in February. I will send home a letter explaining it.

Math: The students learned flat and solid shapes. They learned how to sort in different ways such as by color, shape, number or corners, and size. They learned about the different attributes of each shape. They counted different shapes in pictures and made pictures. They learned about sliding, rolling and stacking shapes. They found shapes around the world and made patterns with shapes. They will be learning about Numbers to 20 next.

Social Studies: The students learned about Christmas Around the World. We studied Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, England and the United States. They learned about traditions, special dates, did activities, watched movies, made projects and completed their Christmas book and passport. We also studied Kwanzaa and Hanukkah by reading books, making a project, watching a movie and learning about traditions. They were very excited to have Jingle the Elf visit them every day and write back to them.

Kindness: The students wrote Santa Grams to a classmate telling them why they like them as a classmate. I also wrote one for each student about why they are a good student. I put up the How Are You Feeling Bulletin Board in the room with the different emotions.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day