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February Newsletter

Language Arts:

Reading-The students finished our Nonfiction unit. Our next unit is about Readers Have a Big Job to do. They practiced being the boss of their own reading by stopping at the sign of trouble, trying something to fix it using their strategies, solving hard words, working with their partners to figure things out, using what they have already learned to help them, doing something after they read a book, doing a triple check (does it make sense, does it sound right, does it look right), and making a plan or goal whenever they read.

Phonics: We finished our phonics book. We will be concentrating on vowels, blends and other things such as alphabetical order.

Writing-The students are finishing their Nonfiction books. They learned to write a table of contents, reread their writing to make it better, make chapter titles, add more chapters, make a glossary, make an introduction and conclusion, write using details, write using comparisons, write how to chapters, add facts from their research, edit and revise their book, and use a checklist.

Spelling: They are continuing to learn their spelling words. They receive their list on Mondays and have a test on Fridays. Please make sure they are practicing at home. Previously taught words are included in their tests to ensure they learn the words and can apply them.

Math: The students finished the chapter on Addition and Subtraction with numbers to 20. They learned to add by counting on, making 10, and using double facts. The learned to subtract by counting backwards, using double facts, and using number bonds. They practiced word problems for both addition and subtraction. They had to decide which operation to use before they could solve it. We have been practicing adding numbers to 5 with fact fluency. We started our next chapter on Length. The students learned how to measure height and length, use words including taller, tallest, shorter, shortest, longer, longest, compare two or more things, and use a starting line to line up things to measure.


We are continuing to learn about light and sound. The students did experiments including looking at different stations with different light to see objects, mading the room as dark as possible, using different materials to block light, making a superhero symbol to communicate a message, and looking into pinhole boxes several ways to see an object.


100th Day-They played games, read stories, had a scavenger hunt, and figured out a mystery picture.

President’s Day-We read stories, learned about different Presidents, and watched a movie.

Valentine’s Day-They played games, made Valentine’s bags, learned the history of St. Valentine, read stories, watched a movie, and completed activity sheets. They had a party and gave Valentines to their friends.

Groundhog Day-They graphed their predictions, watched him on TV, learned the history, completed fun activity sheets, and read stories.

Chinese New Year: They learned about Chinese New Year, read a story, received a lucky read envelope, watched a movie, did activity sheets, and found out what zodiac sign they are.

Kindness: We are continuing our yearly practice on being kind to ourselves and others. Teachers wrote kindness notes when they caught someone being kind and put it on a bulletin board in the hallway. Please take a look when you come to conferences. They are also working on empathy for others. They are working on understanding and labeling their feeling and what to do when they do not like the feeling.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Report Cards and Conferences, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday