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April Newsletter

Language Arts:

Reading-The students finished the unit on Readers Have a Big Job to Do. They learned about making their reading smooth, reading more than one word at a time, using expression when they are reading, not reading too slow or too fast, making a movie to picture what is happening, keeping track of who is talking, understanding the words you are reading, making your reading make sense, and looking at the punctuation to make your reading better. Our next unit is called Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons.

Writing-The students are finishing the unit on Writing Reviews and Opinions. They learned to persuade or convenience the reader. They learned to write catchy introductions and conclusions, revise and edit their writing, convenience their partner, use a checklist to make their writing better, write several reasons to convenience the reader, write in twin sentences, write comparisons, make sentences just write by not being too long or too short, and not give away the ending.

Spelling: The students have started spelling words with word families. They are given words on their test that we learned during the week. They are also given 2 review sight words.

Math: They practiced counting numbers to 40. They practiced reading and writing numbers and number words, using manipulatives to make numbers, using place value and the place value chart, and comparing and ordering numbers. We started our next unit on adding and subtracting numbers to 40 with manipulatives and numbers that do not need to be regrouped. They practiced adding by counting on, using place value, using manipulatives, using number bonds, drawing equations, and completing activities. They also practiced skip counting by 10s, 5s, and 2s.

Science: The students finished the light and sound unit. They made sounds for an animation. I hope you enjoyed the picture and link. The video was too long to send. Miss Bianchi and I had them use every day and music items to make several sounds. They had a great time. We are starting our unit about plants. They watched a movie about growing plants and brainstormed how plants and animals use their parts and structures to grow and survive. They watched movies about a Star Nose Mole, tulip, and a Venus Fly trap to observe these concepts.

Social Studies: We learned about United States Symbols. The symbols we learned about were the Flag, The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, and the Bald Eagle. We also learned about United States Landmarks including The Capital, The White House, Washington DC, and Mount Rushmore. They learned what The Pledge of Allegiance means and songs like America the Beautiful. We used books, movies, and did projects to learn about each one.


Earth Day- The students read stories and learned about the importance of Earth Day. They learned why it got started and that we should take care of the Earth every day. They wrote ideas to help the earth, watched a movie, learned a song, and completed activity sheets. We made a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle book as a class.


We had a full week of Kindness activities developed by our Kindness club. The students made a poster, wrote kind acts they did at home and school, competed in a kindness day (we tied for first with fifth grade!), and wore school colors. We also read books like the Giving Tree to reinforce kindness.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Field Trip to the Warner Theatre, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Field trip to the Science Museum, Field Day