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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter

All About October

The students have been reading Old Favorite Storybooks.  They've been learning to:
  • look at the pictures, remember, and read!
  • make the words and pictures match.
  • talk like the characters.
  • use words to join the pages together.

The students have been working hard on their teaching books.  They've been learning to:
  • plan books page by page.
  • make covers with titles.
  • stretch out words to write more sounds.

The students have learned about the numbers 7, 8, 9, and 0; the concepts of one more, one less, and same number.

Social Studies:
We learned about Christopher Columbus.  We read some books, watched a video, and did some activities.

We've been reading books and learning a lot of Fall: season, weather, colors, activities.  We did a pumpkin investigation and that kids really enjoyed!

Sight Words: the, and
Sight words are being introduced (2/week).  We learn and practice them through songs, poems, and word work activities.  Keep practicing at home, too!

Fire Prevention:
The Colebrook Fire Department visited the school to teach us about fire safety.  The students loved having them visit and learned so much!  We also read some books, watched a movie, and sang some fire safety songs.

We read stories and did activity sheets.  We played some games and watched a movie with our 1st Grade Buddies.  Everyone looked great in their costumes for our Halloween Party at the Senior Center.  The students had so much fun trick-or-treating!

School Wide Rules:
*Maintaining personal space by keeping my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
*Following directions the first time they are given.
*Using kind and appropriate language and tone.
*Completing work that meets teachers' expectations.

These rules were implemented this year in grades K-6.