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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter


We started our next unit: Becoming Avid Readers.  The students have been learning to:
  • distinguish between Avid Readers and "Blah, blah readers."
  • react to books by reading, talking, and thinking with partners.
  • mark text to revisit with partners.
  • ask why a character feels something and describe that feeling.
  • make reading "play dates" and book clubs.
  • think and react to nonfiction texts.
  • teach each other about book topics.
  • notice similarities and differences in nonfiction books.
We have been working hard in our Persuasive Writing Unit.  The students have been exploring Opinion writing.  We began this unit by writing about how to make the school a better place.  For example, a popular "problem" to write about was that the cafeteria is too loud and kids should be quieter.  The students are learning to state their opinion, give reasons for their opinion, and offer a "fix-it solution."  We also have been writing about how we can help the Earth, specifically garbage that we see.  They have been learning that they can write letters, lists, petitions, or signs to make a change and convince others that there's a problem.  We are working on speeches right now.

The students practiced: counting on and counting back using fingers; composing and decomposing numbers through 10 using a 5-frame and 10-frame; combining 2 sets; writing addition number sentences; addition facts.

Sight Words: 
All the sight words have been introduced!  Please continue to practice them at home :)

Social Studies: Memorial Day
The students learned the importance of Memorial Day through books, a video, and activities.

We've been leaning about Living and Nonliving Things.  We use Smart board activities, books, videos, sorting games, and worksheets to learn about the characteristics of living and nonliving things.