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Kindergarten Monthly Newsletter

All About January

We started a new Reading Unit this month.  The students have been activating their "super powers" to read and take on tricky words.  These "super powers" are reading strategies, and include: pointer power, picture power, sound power, snap word power, reread power, partner power, and persistence power.  They've been learning:
  • to point under each word.
  • to match what you say to the words on the page.
  • to look for familiar words (sight words).
  • to build a bank of high-frequency words they can read in a snap.
  • to look for initial sounds of words to help with the tricky words.
  • that our reading needs to sound right.
  • to study the pictures to make predictions before they read.
  • to retell stories.
  • to go back to previous pages to help figure out a word they already read.
  • to stretch out words.
  • that partners give reminders to use a "super power" when their partner is stuck.
  • that Super Readers don't give up!  They try a strategy and another and another.

We started a new Writing Unit this month, too: Narrative Writing.  The students have been writing true stories and have been learning:
  • what makes writing easy to read (spaces, punctuation, and lots of letters in every word).
  • to tell who, what, and where when writing a story.
  • to sketch across the pages to hold on to their ideas.
  • to include vowels in every part of a word.
  • to use writing tools (vowel chart, checklist, and individual word wall).

The students: reviewed size comparisons using big and small; identified positions of objects and used positional language (under, next to, beside, etc.) to describe and compare; used language such as before or after to describe relative position in a sequence of events; reviewed numbers 0-9; rote counted to 20; read and wrote numeral to 20; and counted forward beginning from a given number.

Letters: C, H, F, D, L, K
We've been focusing on 2 letters/week and practicing letter/sound recognition and letter formation.  We do a couple pages in our workbooks, phonics activities on the smartboard, worksheets, and letter games.  The students are working very hard!

Sight Words: on, me, my, be, as, by, his, go
Sight words are being introduced (2/week).  We learn and practice them through songs, poems, and word work activities.  Keep practicing at home, too!

Social Studies:
We learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  We read books, watched a movie, and did activity sheets.

The students have been learning about shelters.  We learned about different parts of houses, why they are important, different materials (natural and man made) used to build houses, and animals and their homes.  We learned about these concepts through books, discussions, videos, and activities.  We conducted an experiment, too!  The students made a plan with their partner and built a shelter using various materials.  They made predictions about which house will hold up best outside and we've been checking on them and discussing our observations. 

School Wide Rules:
*Maintaining personal space by keeping my hands, feet, and objects to myself.
*Following directions the first time they are given.
*Using kind and appropriate language and tone.
*Completing work that meets teachers' expectations.

These rules were implemented this year in grades K-6.