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Tuck Everlasting Test

Tuck Everlasting Assignment

Reading Test

Due Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Write a mini-literary essay on Tuck Everlasting.     It should be at least 2 hand-written pages (reading log) or 1 typed page.  One option is to compare or contrast one aspect of the book and movie.  

For example you may have noticed that Winnie is portrayed as a teenager in the movie and a child in the book.  You could then write about how this difference changes her personality and how that affects the plot.  

Do not write a list of similarities of differences.  You must focus on one idea and develop it in multiple paragraphs, just like you did in your literary essays.   Support your ideas with specific quotes from the book and scenes from the movie, then explain how these examples support your thesis statement.  

This is not the only idea you can write about.  Make sure that whatever you choose, you include an introduction with a thesis statement, at least two body paragraphs with specific examples to support your idea, and a conclusion.  

This will count as a reading test grade.  Even though you may choose to hand write your essay, spelling and grammar do count.