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Immigration Postcard Project

Immigration Postcard Project - Due Wednesday, January 2, 2013!!!

Your job is to take the perspective of a person living during the late 1800’s, who immigrates to the United States.  You may choose any country of origin, name, and profession.  Make sure that your choices make sense.  For example, if you chose to immigrate from Ireland, your name would probably not be Jose Ortiz!

You will create 3 postcards.  The first postcard should be written before you immigrate to the United States.  You should include some information about yourself and your reasons (pushes and pulls) for immigrating to the United States.  You should also include information about what you are looking forward to once you immigrate to the United States.

Your second postcard should be written as if you are in the process of immigrating to the United States.  Are you traveling by boat?  What kind?  What are the conditions like?  Do you reach Ellis Island or Angel Island?  What was that experience like?

Your third postcard should be written after you have settled in the United States.  Where do you settle?  What kind of work did you find?  Is America everything you expected it to be?

Remember these are the basic guidelines.  Feel free to be creative with your writing and pictures or drawings.  Make sure a reader will be able to figure out your country of origin and reasons for immigration!





Student included postcards from three different times (before immigration, during immigration, after immigration)
Student included specific information from their chosen country of origin, including appropriate name and profession, reasons for immigration (pushes and pulls), and place settled in USA.
Student included appropriate pictures or drawings on each of the three postcards
Student wrote at least ½ a page for each postcard.
Student revised writing so that ideas are clear.
Student corrected grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
Student worked on postcards during the given class time and worked an appropriate amount of time and  and put in effort at home.
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