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Biome Project

Tour the Biomes of the Earth!

Date due: Monday, October 29

Presentation dates: Tuesday, October 30 & Wednesday, October 31


Your mission: To give us a virtual tour of your biome!


Format of project: PowerPoint Presentation (Google Presentation), or poster


Project Rubric:


Characteristics of your Biome



5 points


What unique characteristics does your biome have?


Abiotic factors of your Biome: Climate


5 points


What is the temperature of your biome?

How much rainfall does your biome receive?



Biotic Factors of your Biome: Animals & Plants


10 points


What kinds of producers are part of your biome?

What kinds of animals are part of your biome?

(think about primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers)




Typical Food Web of your Biome


10 points


Using the animals and plants you have identified, construct a food web using at least 2 producers, 3 primary consumers, 2 secondary consumers, and 1 tertiary consumer (you need to construct your own food web, you may not use an internet image of one)




Quality of Presentation


10 points

Does your presentation:

ü  Fulfill all the parts of the rubric?

ü  Show creativity?

ü  Have good grammar and spelling?

ü  Have lots of pictures and visuals?



Oral Presentation to class

10 points

You will give an oral presentation with other students in your class that share your biome.  Each of you will be responsible for separating the sections you will present, or working cooperatively to present your biome to the class.

Total Points:

50 points



Recommended Resources:

I.                   Your Textbook:  p. C2-C65


II.                Online Resources:


·         Think Quest – Ecosystems:

·         UCMP – World’s Biomes:

·         Blue Planet – Biomes:


III.             Visit the library and check out some books!



Good ideas for your presentation:


When constructing your food web, use the shapes and arrows found in Microsoft Power Point or in the Google Documents toolbar to show how the energy flows from producers to consumers to decomposers.


Use a BrainPop video or other short video to show during your presentation.


When presenting, use note cards to remember what you will say, be enthusiastic, and have fun J