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Immigration Nation Information

Immigration Nation: 2015-2016

I was so excited to hear that Education Connection had their grant renewed from the state to continue to offer the Immigration Nation learning experience for our students!  What is even more exciting about this year is that both our fifth and sixth grade classes will be attending.

Participation in the program allows students to go on four field trips designed to expose students to a variety of information about the history of immigrant experience.  Our first trip will be to Indian Rock Nature Preserve in Bristol, Connecticut, where students will learn about the earliest immigrants to our country: Native Americans.  We will culminate the program with a trip to New York City to explore Ellis Island, an important site for immigrants in our country's more recent past.

There will also be an Immigration Celebration at Education Connection in May for all of those who have participated, including a variety of foods from various groups as well as displays of projects and a great band--the perfect way to celebrate completion of the program!  Please be on the lookout for information as it becomes available!

Field Trip Schedule:
  • Indian Rock Nature Preserve, Bristol, CT: Tuesday, October 27th

    • Chaperones: 

  • Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT: Monday, November 16th

    • Chaperones: 

  • Connecticut's Old State House, Hartford, CT: Friday, February 26th

    • Chaperones: 

  • Ellis Island, NYC: TBD (Late April or Early May)

    • Chaperones: 

  • IMMIGRATION CELEBRATION!, Litchfield, CT: Wednesday, May 25th

Past Years: 2014-2015---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Field Trip Schedule:
  • Indian Rock Nature Preserve, Bristol, CT: Thursday, October 30th

      • Chaperones: Jenny Hepburn, Tina Gillette

  • Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT: Monday, November 24th

      • Chaperones: Michele Covelli


  • Wadsworth Atheneum and Old State House, Hartford, CT: Friday, February 27th

      • Chaperones: Cheryl Ullman

  • NYC: Wednesday, May 6th

      • Chaperones: Jerry Groman, Keirsten Williams

Check out the Immigration Nation blog documented by Education Connection here.