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Enrichment Clusters

Winter Enrichment: Cooking!

Making Ice Cream!

For our second cooking adventure, students tried their hand at making ice cream... with a couple of twists!

- The ice cream was made in plastic bags using the science of salt on ice to freeze their creations, and involved lots of shaking!

- Students were challenged to include at least two complimentary flavors that they tried and learned a bit about combining in their blindfolded taste test!  Students combined sweet and salty and tart and sweet, as well as a variety of textures!


Students surrounded their ice cream ingredients with ice and coarse salt and then...



And only one gallon bag sprung a hole and started leaking :)


Students tasted a variety of flavors and categorized them based on whether they were sweet, salty, or tart.  Some students even mentioned differences in texture, from crunchy to smooth!

A favorite creative combination for the day was bacon and chocolate chips!