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Fifth Grade Curriculum

This year we will be putting our minds to work and exploring a number of different topics across the curriculum!
Mathematics is my favorite subject, and I cannot wait to get started!  Topics that we will be exploring this year include:
Science this year will focus on the study of:
- Light
- Sound
- The Solar System
We will also be conducting a number of great experiments, so I hope you are ready to get thinking!
Social Studies
Our social studies curriculum will be particularly exciting this year, as we have a Presidential Election this fall!  We will kick off our studies by learning about government and how we choose our leaders as we follow the steps of the election process and investigate the different branches of government.  We will also be studying our history, from early explorers through the Civil War.
Reading and Writing
Throughout the year we will be both reading a variety of genres and writing in those genres ourselves!  We will also get a chance to write and illustrate our own picture books as fifth graders have done in years past, which we will present toward the end of the year!