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Class Photos

Crazy About Moon Phases!

Over the past few days we have begun our unit on the movement of the moon, the sun, and the Earth.  To jump-start our unit, we first learned about the moon phases by making a lunar cycle model out of Oreo cookies.  We then investigated the reason for this cycle using a Styrofoam ball, a flashlight, and ourselves!




 Demonstration of a New Moon!

Inventive Instruments

The fifth grade class worked very hard over winter break to design and create their own inventive instruments!  They used their imagination and what they learned in science about changing pitch to make unique instruments that can play a variety of different notes.

Check out their instruments in the Upper Grades Hallway and in the photos below!

Excellent Job Fifth Graders!


The Edible Ear

Today we learned about how sound vibrations travel through our ear all the way to our brain so that we can interpret sounds!  We made an edible model of the ear to reinforce what we had learned.  Here are some photos from our activity!