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Grade 5

Welcome to Miss Duquette's Website!

 Grades 5 and 6 Math, Science, and Social Studies

This year, I will be focusing on math, science, and social studies for fifth and sixth grade again, and I am so excited for the year to begin!  Fifth and sixth grade reading and writing will be taught by Mrs. 
Ellison.  For reading and writing information and homework, 
visit her website by clicking here!

Our Class Activation Code for Scholastic is: L96PB

parent username: ccsparent
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parent username: ccsparent
password: mathrules

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What's New in Miss Duquette's Math, Science and Social Studies Room
(November, 2017)

 In Fifth Grade...

 In Sixth Grade...


Social Studies 
We have completed our first two chapters on Numbers to 10,000 and Whole Number Multiplication and Division!
Chapter 3 on adding and subtracting with fractions and mixed numbers was a success!  We are into chapter 4, where we are learning to multiply and divide with fractions!

Our first science unit of the year about the Moon has been completed!  On to social studies

To keep investigating the moon, you can continue to check out this website!

Our first social studies unit has begun, and students have completed research to try and solve the Mystery of Roanoke!  
 Check out their theories on the board outside our classroom!

We will now move on to study other early settlements, such as Jamestown and Plymouth.



Social Studies 
This year, we have completed units on positive and negative numbers as well was fraction and decimal operations. Students are currently working to extend their understanding of ratios, which began last year.  They will then move on to exploring rates, a special kind of ratio.


Our first science unit of the year on ecosystems has concluded!  We are back to social studies!

Students are currently working on creating Heritage Albums for our Industry and Immigration unit in social studies!  Groups of three students have been assigned a county and will be working to create an album depicting what it might have been like for an immigrant from that country to travel to the United States in the time frame of 1850-1910.  Stay tuned for information on the students' Ellis Island Simulation, which they will conclude the unit with!

Homework assigned during the week is meant to reinforce topics learned during class.  Homework for both fifth and sixth graders should take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to complete each night, all subjects included.
Special projects in science and social studies will be assigned in each unit to help students show their understanding of new concepts.  All projects will be accompanied by a scoring rubric and will count as a test grade.
Homework Assignents
Grade 5 assignments are in green
Grade 6 assignments are in blue
Joint assignments appear in white!

November 13th-November 17th


Grade 5: 

Grade 6: Math Test - Wednesday, 11/15


Grade 5: math sheet, if not completed at school

Grade 6: math sheet, if not completed at school



Grade 5: math sheet, if not completed at school
Grade 6: math study guide, if not completed at school - STUDY!  TEST TOMORROW!


Grade 5: math sheet, if not completed at school

Grade 6: 


Grade 5: math sheet, if not completed at school
Grade 6: math sheet, if not completed at school



Grade 5: Have a great weekend!
Grade 6: Have a great weekend!