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Grade 5

Welcome to Miss Duquette's Website!

 Grades 5 and 6 Math, Science, and Social Studies

This year, I will be focusing on math, science, and social studies for fifth and sixth grade again, and I am so excited for the year to begin!  Fifth and sixth grade reading and writing will be taught by Mrs. 
Ellison.  For reading and writing information and homework, 
visit her website by clicking here!

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                                   CT Kid Governor Page - Results on Wednesday 11/23!

Our Class Activation Code for Scholastic is: L96PB

parent username: ccsparent
password: mathrules

parent username: ccsparent
password: mathrules

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(Now with photos from the trips!)

2014-2015 Photos:

What's New in Miss Duquette's Math, Science and Social Studies Room
(May, 2017)

Enrichment Corner!

Throughout each week students in fifth and sixth grade have multiple opportunities to engage in enrichment activities and experiences!  Check out some of the things they are participating in here!

Cooking (Enrichment Clusters)

Immigration Nation 

Math Olympiad 

To date, students in Miss Duquette's Cooking Cluster have made:

- homemade buttermilk pancakes
- from scratch ice cream in a bag

...and have learned about food safety and their taste buds during a blindfolded taste testing!

Check out some photos of their creations here, and check back for more updates!
Students have been participating in the Immigration Nation program through EdAdvance since the beginning of the school year, and have traveled to the Indian Rock Nature Preserve, the Mattatuck Museum, and the CT Historical Society so far, and learned so much about the history of immigration in our state on each trip.  Find a list of our upcoming trips here:

- Ridgefield Playhouse: Tuesday, April 4th
- NYC Trip: Wednesday, May 3rd

These Immigration Nation experiences will culminate in a project and Immigration Celebration where students will show off all that they have learned and celebrate their participation and hard work!  Be on the lookout for more information about this in the spring!


Students in both 5th and 6th grade have participated in three Math Olympiad challenges so far and have enjoyed pushing themselves to stretch their minds and solve some complex problems!  All students have seen success, and we cannot wait to celebrate their achievements after we complete our last two challenges!

For more information on Math Olympiad and to see some sample problems, visit their website here!

Meanwhile, In Fifth Grade...

We have completed so many units so far this year!  Our finished units include:
 numbers to 10,000,000, whole number multiplication and division,   We will be working to hone our computation skills so that we are ready to tackle any challenge in the upcoming units throughout the year, such as our two units on operations with fractions, starting now!

In science, we have completed our first unit on the moon, sun, and Earth!  Since it is an election year, our next step was to move into a social studies unit on Our Government and Elections.  As part of this, we will also be participating in electing this year's CT Kid Governor so that students can get a hands on look at what it is like to review, choose, and vote for candidates for a position in an election!

Off In Sixth Grade...

We began the year with our first math unit on positive numbers and the number line!  This unit included lessons on greatest common factor and least common multiple, prime factorization, which is a very cool yet unique way to find the factors of any number, and squares, square roots, cubes, and cubed roots.  We have also completed our second chapter on negative numbers and the number line and our chapter on multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals.  We are now moving on to our chapters on ratio and rate to close out or first marking period!  Remember, you can check out these or any any of our chapters online at the 6th grade Math in Focus website by using the login link and information on the sidebar of this page!

We also began the year with our first science unit ecosystems!  Students have learned about important factors that make up ecosystems and the transfer of energy through an ecosystem by way of food chain and food web systems.   To illustrate this, students dissected owl pellets to see the food chain at work!  Here are some of their amazing finds:


In social studies, sixth grade students picked up where we left off last spring with the Civil War and Reconstruction and now will be going on to begin our social studies unit on Industry and Immigration

Homework assigned during the week is meant to reinforce topics learned during class.  Homework for both fifth and sixth graders should take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to complete each night, all subjects included.
Special projects in science and social studies will be assigned in each unit to help students show their understanding of new concepts.  All projects will be accompanied by a scoring rubric and will count as a test grade.
Homework Assignents
Grade 5 assignments are in green
Grade 6 assignments are in blue
Joint assignments appear in white!




Grade 5: 

Grade 6: 


Grade 5: math sheet

Grade 6: 



Grade 5: 
Grade 6: Cape Book


Grade 5: math sheet

Grade 6: Cape Book


Grade 5: math sheet
Grade 6: Cape Book



Grade 5: Have a great weekend!
Grade 6: Have a great weekend!