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All About October

Language Arts:  We finished the unit on Readers have Good Habits.  We continued to work on Good Habits they have already learned.  They also learned to do a sneak peek (a picture walk) to figure out words, look at all of the parts of the word, reread and get a running start, think does the word make sense, double-check their reading (does it make sense, does it look right and does it sound right), try the vowel sound at least two ways, and never give up just keep trying!  They also worked with their partners to give them reminders or clues and not just give them the word, and double-check each other’s reading.

The students are finishing writing their Small Moment books.  They continued to learn to tell their story in small detailed steps, make their characters have feelings, thinking, moving and talking, use familiar words to spell new words, write words part by part not just by each letter, edit their book when they are done with a checklist, add action into their story, use sparkle words to make their story interesting, revise their work to make it more interesting, and add details and stretch out the most important part of the story.  We will be celebrating one of their stories next month.

Math:  We finished our chapter on Addition with Numbers to 10.  They learned how to solve addition word problems, completed number bonds, and wrote addition sentences.  We also finished our chapter on Subtraction with Numbers to 10.  The students practiced writing subtraction sentences, solving problems in various ways (number line, pictures, manipulatives, fingers), solving word problems, using number bonds, and making fact families.

Science:  We are learning about shadows, the sun and light.  The students have been doing experiments and discovering what makes shadows.  They traced their shadow three times on one day.  We made a chart about what they know and want to learn about.  They did another experiment making shadows with flashlights and different types of materials (transparent, translucent, solid or opaque).

Social Studies: 

Columbus:  We studied about his voyage through books, movies, playing games, and activity sheets. 

Fire Safety:  The Colebrook Fire Department visited the students and taught them about the importance of fire safety.  We also read books and completed activity sheets.

Halloween:  We learned and celebrated Halloween.  The students read books, did activity sheets, watched a movie, and had a party.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped!

Social Skills:  The students are practicing to be better listeners by listening with their whole body.  We call this Whole Body Listening or being Mindful.  Mrs. S. taught them what to do when things bug them.  We are working on using kind words and getting along with our peers and not arguing with our friends.  We are continuing to work on listening to directions the first time and not interrupting.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Break