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All About March

Language Arts: 

Reading-The students are continuing to learn about what readers do.  They are practicing working together to solve hard words or problems, thinking about what is happening in the story to solve words, rereading, keeping track of what is happening in the story, thinking about what words would fit when they are reading, making their reading sound right, reading part by part, and using words they know to solve other words.

Writing-The students are continuing to work on Opinion Writing.  They are working on convincing their reader by using 3 or more reasons with details, making comparisons in their writing, adding supportive details, writing catchy introductions and conclusions, revising their writing, making their writing easy to read, and using editing and revising checklists to make their writing better.

Spelling:  They are continuing to learn their spelling words.  We will be using word families in our spelling next month.  A letter will go home explaining word families.

Math:  The students learned about Graphing.  They learned how to read different graphs including pictographs, tally charts and bar graphs.  They practiced collecting data, understanding data, showing data, and making graphs.  We started our next chapter on Numbers to 40.  They practiced reading and writing numbers and number words, counting on from 20, using place value to write numbers, and using place value charts.

Social Skills:  The students learned what empathy is.  They practiced using this skill.  We are continuing to practice listening to and following directions, having a mindful body, cooperating with others, and using self-control.


Dr. Seuss’s Birthday: We celebrated his birthday by doing many activities including activity sheets, watching a movie, reading Yurtle the Turtle and making Yurtle the Turtle.  They even got a hat to wear!

St. Patrick’s Day:  The students colored in shamrocks, did activity sheets, read a story and watched a movie about the origin of the day.

Spring:  The students made pinwheels for our bulletin board.  They look great!  We read a story and talked about the season.

Easter:  The students made an Easter Basket that was filled on Thursday.  We read stories, did activity sheets, and played games and watched a movie with their Kindergarten buddies.

Upcoming Events Next Month:

April Break, Earth Day, Field Trip to the Senior Center