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All About April

Language Arts: 

Reading-The students are continuing to learn good reading habits.  They learned to keep track of who is talking in their book, understand what they are reading and not just reading the words, saying the word the best they can and thinking about what it means, using all of their tools to read fluently, making their reading sound great like they are talking and paying attention to punctuation.  With their reading partners they are practicing how to act out books, understanding what they are reading, using new words when they are talking about their book and helping each other to make their reading sound their best.

Writing-The students finished writing their opinion writing with book reviews.  They chose a favorite book to convince readers.  They learned to write important things from the book, make comparisons with other books, give sneak peeks and not give the ending away, add details and examples from the book, make sentences just right (not too long or too short), spell words accurately and edit and revise their writing with checklists to make it their best.  We celebrated their best opinion writing and put them into our classroom library.

Spelling:  The students have started spelling words with word families.  They are given words on their test that we have learned during the week.  They are also given 2 review sight words.

Math:  The students learned about Mental Math.  They practiced addition and subtraction facts up to 10.  The students learned about Numbers to 120.  They are practicing writing and reading number words, comparing and ordering numbers, using place value to show numbers with tens and ones, finding the missing number in a number pattern and using more and less then.


Sun, Moon and Stars- We finished this unit by watching the moon phases and the pattern it makes, made moon craters with different types of balls, read books, made constellations and figured out riddles.

Social Studies:

United States Symbols-The students are learning about U.S symbols including the Bald Eagle, The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell and The American Flag.  They have learned about the Liberty Bell and the American Flag this month through books and activity sheets.  We read and listened to the Star Spangled Banner.  They will also learn about important U.S. Landmarks.


Easter:  They made Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny filled for them.  We read books, did activity sheets, played games with our Kindergarten buddies and watched a movie. 

Earth Day- The students read stories and learned about the importance of Earth Day.  They learned why it got started and that we should take care of the Earth every day.  They wrote ideas to help the earth, watched a movie, learned a song, made a class recycling book and completed activity sheets.

Senior Center-We went to the Senior Center with Third Grade.  They had a great time learning about Arbor Day.  They made leaves for a tree that you can see at the front of our school and listened to some stories.  They loved the ice cream!

Upcoming Events Next Month:

Field Trip to the Science Center, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day