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All About December

Language Arts:  We are continuing to learn about reading Nonfiction books.  They practiced how to reread to understand their book, read labels in books, make their voice sound smooth, use expression, use prior knowledge to think about what they already know about a topic before they read it, use their strategies to keep figuring out hard words, find parts in words and put them together, and change the vowels in different ways to figure out words. 

In writing, they are starting their Nonfiction books.  We will be working on them more in January.  They learned how to plan ideas for 4 different chapters, write something interesting in each chapter, think about what readers might want to know about their topic, write in “twin sentences” (this means to give more details and not just a list), make a table of contents, and use print conventions.

We will be starting spelling at the beginning of February.  I will send home a letter explaining it.

Math:  The students learned about Numbers to 20.  They practiced reading and writing number words, counted on from 10 to 20, used place value with ones and tens to read and write numbers, and compared numbers with greater than and less than.  We have started learning our math fact from 0-5. 

Social Studies:  The students learned about Christmas Around the World.  We studied Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, England and the United States.  They learned about traditions, special dates, watched movies, made projects and completed their Christmas book and passport.  We also studied Kwanzaa and Hanukkah by reading books, making a project, watching a movie and learning about traditions.  They were very excited to have Jingle the Elf visit them every day and write back to them.


The students studied about reflecting light.  They watched a disco ball and made observations.  They used prisms and light to make rainbows.  They used light and mirrors to hit a target.  They learned content vocabulary including reflect, redirect, bend, aim, prism, translucent, and transparent.  They used these words to explain how a disco ball works. 

Upcoming Events Next Month:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day